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Parental Choice is the “one-stop shop” for all of your queries regarding legal rights as a parent-to-be or new parent, flexible working and all of your childcare options, including nurseries and dealing with the administration involved in employing a nanny.

Parental Choice is the essential “one stop shop” to help you make the right decision on your childcare needs. All the senior staff at Parental Choice are parents and we live the good, the bad and the ugly of trying to combine work and family just like you.

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Toddler water safety

The recent tragic news about that 5 year old Chloe Johnson  who drowned in a hotel swimming pool in Sharm-el-Sheik highlights just how dangerous water can be for young children.Safe and Sound Paedeatric First Aid Training( have written this article aimed at keeping young children water safe. Each year millions of Brits go abroad for their … [Read More...]

WF Disability Appeal Banner

An appeal from Working Families..

An appeal from Working Families...  Just text WFAM10 £3/£5/£10 to 70070 to donate today.Did you know that there are over 700,000 families in the UK right now bringing up disabled children? And over a quarter of those are not in paid work, because most of them have had to give up work to care for their child? Can you imagine what it's like trying to balance … [Read More...]

Tricia Mucavele (1)

The Children’s Food Trust

Nutritionist Tricia Mucavele leads the Children’s Food Trust’s Eat Better, Start Better programme Are you an always, a sometimes or a never? I’m talking, of course, about sitting at the table to eat as a family. Recent research from the Journal of Epidemiology and Child Health looked at the eating habits of almost 2,400 children in south London. On the day … [Read More...]

Kate Finch

Guilt free kids dinners….

 Kate Finch is the founder and owner of Juniors Pantry ( She is also a wife and mum to two girls aged ten and eight. I went to talk to her about her business and how she balances work and family. Up until late 2010 Kate worked in the city and had done for many years. She was never a stay at home mum and employed a nanny to help … [Read More...]


Twinkle twinkle little tooth

 We’ve been focusing on healthy eating and physical activity in our last few articles and in keeping with that we thought we’d take a look at our little ones teeth. If your house is anything like mine teeth brushing is done twice a day. The kids are committed to brushing their teeth and understand the concept that if they don’t clean them they will all fall out but … [Read More...]

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